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The 6mm GT was birthed from a collaboration between George Gardner (owner GA Precision) and Tom Jacobs (owner Vapor Trail Bullets). Designed with competition shooting in mind—Light recoil, excellent velocity, exceptional consistency both downrange and through the chronograph.

  • Easy: No magazine inserts or modifications required to feed from AICS magazines.
  • Feeds great: Using a 35 degree shoulder angle, the cartridge wont hang in the chamber on the shoulder.
  • Efficient Case Design: Optimized case nearing 100% capacity with Varget.
  • 3020 fps average from 26″ barrel
  • Cartridge overall length: 2.570″


  • Berger 105 gr Hybrid Target
  • Ballistic Coefficent: G1 0.536 / G7 0.275
  • Hornady manufactured brass
  • Small rifle primer
  • Hodgdon Varget powder

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